Academy for Social Purpose in Responsible Entertainment


Peter Samuelson, MA, President


Dr. D. Andy Rice, PhD, ASPIRE Fellow at UCLA


The Academy for Social Purpose in Responsible Entertainment (ASPIRE) partners with universities, community organizations, scholars, and activists to advocate for sustainability and social justice through media-focused teaching and research.  ASPIRE teaches digital media production to undergraduates of all majors to enhance their lifelong capacities to undertake social issue advocacy.

Regina Scully

Regina K. Scully is the Founder and CEO of Artemis Rising Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to developing and promoting media, education and healing projects that transform our culture. Ms. Scully also is the Founder and CEO of RPR Marketing Communications, a premier Public Relations Agency, NYC, specializing in exclusive consumer products and brands. Ms. Scully is a social entrepreneur, education activist, and documentary filmmaker. She is one of the leading communications and media consultants in the county, speaking at schools, conferences, and companies around the world. A 30-year veteran in the fields of Journalism, Public Relations, Brand Marketing and Filmmaking, Ms. Scully has a successful track record of building and producing successful premier brands, projects, and films that integrate cause-related issues, social media, and outreach campaigns.

Ms. Scully is an Academy award nominated executive producer, most recently for The Invisible War - a film about the epidemic rapes of women and men in the military. The Invisible War won the 2012 Sundance Audience Award. Ms. Scully also executive produced MissRepresentation, a compelling documentary exposing the gender bias that still exists in our country based on the limited portrayals of women and young girls in our Media, Politics and Entertainment. Ms. Scully is a co-founder of Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network bought MissRepresentationMs. Scully helped spearhead the development and distribution of its critically acclaimed corresponding national curriculum.

In addition to filmmaking, Ms. Scully is deeply passionate about Education reform, and has helped launch some of the most successful inner city charter schools in the country: the Success Academy Schools, in NY (; and the Making Waves Academy Schools in Northern California (

Ms. Scully sits on the following Boards: Georgetown University Board of Regents; Stanford University Board of Philanthropy and Civil Society, CA; Project ALS, NYC; Harvard Women’s Leadership Board; VDay Board;; and the Womens Media Center, NYC.